2019 Annual Meeting

SOBP’s 74th Annual Scientific Conference

“Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience: Tools, Techniques and Transformative Frameworks”

Registration Fees & Options:

Member (Regular & Associate) – $495 (rate doesn’t change)

Student Member – $250 (rate doesn’t change)

Emeritus Member – $250 (rate doesn’t change)

Non-Member: This category is for non-members of the Society or for those who do not qualify for the “non-member student” or “Associate non-member” registration fee.

Non Member (until April 10) – $745

Non-Member Late (April 11 – May 10) – $795

Non-Member Onsite – $895

Associate Non-Member: Anyone working in a lab either in an interim post-baccalaureate position and, are applying for, or have been accepted to an advanced degree program in neuroscience or medical school.

Associate Non-Member (Until April 10) – $495

Associate Non-Member Late (April 11 – May 10) – $545

Associate Non-Member Onsite – $645


Student Non-Member:  This student registration fee is for Residents, Fellows, Graduates and Medical Students who are non-members of SOBP currently enrolled in a training program and less than 10 years from your terminal degree. Note: You will need a signed letter from your training director, which includes their phone number and email address, confirming your status in this category with the expected graduation date. We will contact your training director if we have any questions regarding your registration.

Student Non-Member (Until April 10) – $295

Student Non-Member Late (April 11 – May 10) – $345

Student Non-Member Onsite – $445



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