SOBP Committees

A. E. Bennett Award  – Review and approve applications for the annual A.E. Bennett award.
Chair: Karoly Mirnics
Co-Chair: Cynthia Bethea

Somerfeld-Ziskind Award  – Review and approve applications for the annual Somerfeld-Ziskind award.
Chair: David Hsu
Co-Chair: Jeffrey Bedwell

Education – Develop & implement educational programs, focus on younger members and attendees, help facilitate mentorship activities. Education Subcommittees include the Training Director’s Subcommittee and the Distinguished Educator Subcommittee.
Chair: Mayada Akil
Co-Chair: Noah Philip

Membership – The Membership Committee is responsible for review and approval of all new membership applications and to make recommendations to Council regarding activities to recruit and retain members.
Chair: Jorge Almeida

Mentorship – Encourage mentorship and collegiality at the meeting.  Recruit mentors and assign to mentees (currently travel award recipients).  Supervise mentorship program at the annual meeting.
Chair: Scott Aaronson

Nominating – Tasked with nominating candidates for the elected offices of President and Councilor-at-Large.
Chair: Steve Strakowski

Program– The Program Committee is responsible for the review and approval of all new abstract submissions and to make selections on the program content and presentations at the Annual Meeting.
Chair: Judith Ford

Travel Award – The training of a new generation of psychiatric academicians is a major objective of the Society of Biological Psychiatry.  Participation in professional meetings, in which new information is exchanged and contacts are made, can have a critical impact on the career of a developing clinician-scientist.  In recognition of the importance of academic exchange, the Society of Biological offers annual Travel Fellowships. Travel Award Subcommittees include the Domestic Award Subcommittee for domestic application, the International Award Subcommittee, the Chair’s Choice Subcommittee, and the Predoctoral Scholar Subcommittee.
Chair: Monsheel Sodhi

Women’s Leadership GroupClick here to read more about the SOBP Women’s Leadership Group.
Chairs: Carrie Bearden and Sophia Frangou