Please celebrate the lives and accomplishments of our distinguished members.


Glenda MacQueen, FRCPC,Dr. MacQueen, FRCPC, passed away March 27, 2020. Dr. MacQueen was a distinguished member of the society since 1998.

Ronald Duman, PhD,Dr. Duman, Ph.D., passed away February 1, 2020. Dr. Duman was a distinguished member of the society since 1982.


Ekkehard Othmer, MD, PhD, Dr. Ekkehard Othmer, M.D., Ph.D.,  passed away May 12, 2019. Dr. Othmer was a distinguished member of the society since 1982.


Larry Seidman, PhD, Larry was born and raised in New York City. He completed his undergraduate studies in psychology at City College of New York (CCNY) in 1971, an institution in which he had great pride. He received his doctorate at Boston University in 1980. He met Ilene Seidman, his wife of 46 years, when they were freshman at CCNY. They raised two children, Sarah, an historian and museum curator, and Josh, a lawyer. Before his death, Larry was blessed to meet his first grandson and first granddaughter.


Claude de Montigny, MD, PhD, passed away October 19, 2012.  Dr. de Montigny was a distinguished member of the Society since 1990.


Jose M. Delgado, MD, passed away September 5, 2011.  Dr. Delgado was an honorary member of the Society since 1976.

John A. Harvey, PhD, died June 25, 2011.  Dr. Harvey was a distinguished member of the Society since 1982.

Melvin Sabshin, MD, died June 4, 2011.  Dr. Sabshin was a distinguished member of the Society since 1960.

Alfred M. Freedman, MD (PDF)
On April 17, 2011 Alfred M. Freedman MD died in New York at the age of 94. He left behind a wife, two children, two grandchildren, innumerable colleagues whose careers were greatly influenced by him as well as a mental health community with untold numbers of patients most of whom will never know how his career has led to improvements in  their care.

Tana Grady-Weliky, MD
On January 18, 2011, Tana Grady-Weilky, MD died after a brief illness.


James Timothy Winslow, PhD
Dr. James Timothy Winslow died November 17, 2010.


Elizabeth Weller, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Weller died November 29, 2009.

Elizabeth Young, MD (PDF)
Dr. Elizabeth Young, died September 1, 2009.

Victor Milstein, PhD (PDF)
Professor Emeritus of Psychology in Psychiatry, Indiana University and Larue Carter Hospital.

Wagner H. Bridger, MD (PDF)
A research pioneer in the fields of biological psychiatry, psychopharmacology and neonatology, past president of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, and Editor Emeriti of its journal, Biological Psychiatry.

Elizabeth Dorus, PhD

A distinguished scientist in genetics and biological psychiatry, died in February 2009 following a long, courageous battle with multiple sclerosis.