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2023 Plenary Presentations 

Plenary 1: Healing Outside the Box

Plenary 2: Precision Healing

Plenary 3: Future of Healing

2022 SOBP Plenary Presentation

Plenary 1: A Good Life

Plenary 2: An Unsettled Life

Plenary 3: Approaches to a Good Life

2021 SOBP Plenary Presentation

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg: Environmental Sources of Variability

Himladevi Soodyall: The Human in Humanity

Christopher Walsh: One Brain, Many Genomes: Somatic Mutation, Genomic Variability, and Psychiatric Disease

Nenad Sestan: Building the Human Brain: Molecular Logic of Neural Circuit Development and Evolution

Beatriz Luna: Mechanisms Underlying Neurocognitive Specialization in Adolescence

Simon Cox: The Lothian Birth Cohort 1936: Influences on Cognitive Ageing From Ages 11 to 70 and Beyond

Armin Raznahan: Genetics-First Approaches to Parsing Variability in Neuropsychiatric Disease

Danielle Bassett: Mechanisms of Brain Network Dysfunction

Susan Bookheimer: Variability in Autism: Brain and Behavior

Fabrizio Benedetti: Variability in the Placebo Response: The Interesting, the Good, the Bad

2019 SOBP Plenary Presentations

Garret Stuber: Dissecting the Neural Circuits

Martin Paulus: Decision-Making and Computational Psychiatry

Janaina Mourao-Miranda: What Can Machine Learning…

Steve McCarroll: New Technology for Learning

Yael Niv: Learning and Decision Making

Olusola Ajilore: Making Connections: Network Approaches

Susan Whitfield-Gabrielli: Clinical Translation of Brain

Carmine Pariante: Cortisol and Inflammation

Nim Tottenham: Development of Emotion Regulation

Sheri Johnson: Emotion-Related Impulsivity

Michael Meaney: The Genomic Architecture of Individual

Suzanne Haber: Prefrontal Cortex and Striatum Hubs