Society of Biological Psychiatry Gold Medal Award

Deadline to Submit: Closed

The Gold Medal award was established by the Society of Biological Psychiatry to honor pioneering contributions to the field and for significant and sustained work that advances and extends knowledge in biological psychiatry.


  1. All scientists working in the field of biological psychiatry including but not limited to individuals from academic institutions, foundations, governmental, industrial and research organizations regardless of age, sex, race or nationality shall be eligible.
  2. Nominees need not be members of the Society of Biological Psychiatry.
  3. The decision of the award committee shall be based on the nominee’s scientific accomplishments, their independence, originality, and impact; their development of new concepts, theories and techniques, that constitute a definitive, mature and significant contribution to knowledge sustained over a period of years.
  4. The decision of the award committee shall be final, subject to approval by the Honorific Award Committee of the Society.
  5. An award may be made every year, but the Honorific Award committee and Council reserve the right to make no award in any year.
  6. Members of the Honorific Award committee are not eligible to receive the award during their tenure on the award committee.


  1. Members of the Society or members of other national or international scientific associations may submit nominations. Should you like to submit a nomination for this award and you are not a current SOBP member, please email SOBP@SOBP.ORG for instructions.
  2. Submit a letter describing the nominee’s contributions to the field including a list of the candidate’s major achievements and a list of up to ten of the candidate’s most important publications.
  3. If available, submit a curriculum vitae of the candidate.
  4. The award will be presented by the President of the Society at the Society’s Annual Meeting.
  5. All applications must be submitted on-line.

Previous Recipients (partial listing)

2005 –  Marc A. Schuckit, MD – University of California, San Diego
2006 – A. John Rush, MD – University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
2007 – Myrna M. Weissman, PhD – Columbia University
2008 – Solomon H. Snyder, MD – The Johns Hopkins University
2009 – Bruce S. McEwen, PhD – The Rockefeller University
2010 – Charles P. O’Brien, MD, PhD – University of Pennsylvania
2011 – Judith L. Rapoport, MD – National Institute of Mental Health
2012 – Michael Davis, PhD – Emory University
2013 – Eric Nestler, MD, PhD – Mount Sinai Medical Center
2014 – Helen S. Mayberg, MD – Emory University
2015 – Francine M. Benes, MD, PhD -Harvard University, McLean Hospital and Alan F. Schatzberg, MD – Stanford University
2016 – Anthony Grace, PhD – University of Pittsburgh
2017 – Trevor Robbins, PhD – University of Cambridge
2018 – John Krystal, MD – Yale University
2019 – (Split) – Huda Akil, PhD – University of Michigan
2019 – (Split) – David Lewis, MD – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
2020 -(Split) – Carol Tamminga, MD – UT Southwestern Medical Center
2020 – (Split) – Suzanne Haber, PhD – University of Rochester
2021 – Daniel Geschwind, MD – University of California, Los Angeles
2022 – George Koob, PhD – National Institute of Mental Health
2023- Deanna Marie Barch, PhD– Washington University in St. Louis                                         2024- Mary Phillips, MD –  University of Pittsburgh

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